Chair Mat Unrolling Instructions - Bison Mat

Chair Mat Unrolling Instructions

Tips and tricks for unrolling you chair mat

  • Allow your mat to reach room temperature before unrolling your mat (approx. 24 hours).
  • Carefully unroll your mat and place it on the floor, cleats down. Add weight to hold the mat in place, if necessary. The mat will flatten gradually within a few hours.
  • Speedy Options
  • Place your chairmat in a warm room or in direct sunlight for best results. When the vinyl begins to warm, the mat will flatten.
  • Or use a handheld hair dryer to warm the mat. *First, direct the warm air into the center core of the roll for approximately fifteen minutes. Slowly unroll the mat and continue blowing with the hair dryer across the surface until the mat is flat. Please follow all use and safety guidelines provided by the hair dryer manufacturer.


  • Caution: Do not expose the chairmat to extreme heat! High temperatures will damage the chairmat.
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