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Highlights: Wood Top 48" wide x 24" deep with Steel Frame and 9.75' long power cord

4 Button Memory Allows you to save your desired settings 

Supports 200lbs of static weight

Need a break? Are your legs feeling weak from sitting in your chair for the past 4 hours? Maybe it's time to switch it up; our adjustable desk is what you need. Our electric-powered desk has 4 memory buttons that will remember your desired height preferences; Manual up and down keys also adjust the work surface to your perfect height. The ergonomic desk can go as low as 27.5" and go as high as 44.25"; for reference, the typical desk is 28-30" tall. The desk itself has a wood top 48" wide by 24" deep with a steel frame and a grommet for cord management. 

Ships in 2 boxes and may arrive a day or 2 apart from each other. 

Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Electric Height Adjustable Desk

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